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Title: Ethnocentric
Author:[ profile] keefaq
Word count: 354
Pairing: None, Gen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Transformative work
Tag for 5.17: Infection
Summary: Rodney gives John a transcript of some entries in Todd's personal log.
Written for the Season Five Tagathon at [ profile] sga_episodefic

Ethnocentric )
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Title: New Directions
Author: [ profile] keefaq
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: PG
Word count: 3746
Episode tag for 5.08 The Queen
Written for the Season 5 Tagathon at [ profile] sga_episodefic

Summary: Rodney doesn’t understand why John’s attitude toward Keller has changed. Todd hasn’t told the Lanteans something important concerning Teyla.

New Directions )
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Title: Perhaps Speak, Kneel, Touch, Kiss
Author: [ profile] keefaq
Pairings: Todd/Sheppard, Katie/Rodney mentioned(no het), McKay/Sheppard
Disclaimer: Transformative work
Word Count: ~9500 words
Spoilers: Common Ground, Tao of Rodney, Submersion, Reunion, Tabula Rasa, The Seer, Miller’s Crossing, By All My Sins Remembered, Spoils of War, and Quarantine.
Beta:[ profile] zelempa. Thanks for pushing me to re-write. I only hope I haven’t replaced one set of problems with a different one.
A/N: Title is from The Eve of St. Agnes. (Keats) Some dialogue taken verbatim from The Seer. Story takes place directly after Common Ground.

Summary: Wraith worshippers are made, not born.

Perhaps Speak, Kneel, Touch, Kiss )
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Title: Responsible
Author: [ profile] keefaq
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Completed : Dec. 2007
Disclaimer: Transformative work
Word Count- ~7000 words
Spoilers: Up to and including Miller's Crossing
Betaed with insight and amazing speed by [ profile] lilac_way
Summary: After Miller’s Crossing, John struggles with his feelings of responsibility for Wallace, Todd, Rodney, and Atlantis in general.

Responsible )