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Time for the fundraising drive for the OTW.

fundraising drive

I was thinking about writing out all the things I've learned from being a volunteer coder with the AO3, things like Ruby and Javascript, and so on, but those are not the most important things I've received.

The OTW is simply a good group of people working for fandom, trying to deal with the repercussions of the inevitably increasing visibility of our presence on the internet. Most of us know the big names in the OTW, but there are many, many unseen volunteers giving hours and hours of time and effort to both the archive and the OTW in general, people barely known in most circles of fandom.

I've been continually impressed with the care with which policies are crafted and recrafted, the serious desire to listen and respond to fandom, shown by the OTW. Input, and particularly critical feedback, is taken very seriously. Of course it isn't possible to please everyone in all things, but I've watched the OTW put forth a great deal of effort to be respectful, reasonable, and inclusive.

I'm going to link to my previous post about my experience as a complete novice coder working on the archive, because it sums up what I've gained by my association with this group.

Times like this I wish I was more articulate, but I just wanted to say that if you support the OTW, and you are in a position which allows you to give, your support at this time would be a huge help.
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Today when I was doing the laundry, the two year old wanted to help, which means, of course, that it takes three times as long to do the laundry as it would if he didn't help. There are many little side diversions we have to discuss as we do the laundry, as he looks around the basement and notices more things he wants to hear words about, so that he can learn about the world.

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