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Time for the fundraising drive for the OTW.

fundraising drive

I was thinking about writing out all the things I've learned from being a volunteer coder with the AO3, things like Ruby and Javascript, and so on, but those are not the most important things I've received.

The OTW is simply a good group of people working for fandom, trying to deal with the repercussions of the inevitably increasing visibility of our presence on the internet. Most of us know the big names in the OTW, but there are many, many unseen volunteers giving hours and hours of time and effort to both the archive and the OTW in general, people barely known in most circles of fandom.

I've been continually impressed with the care with which policies are crafted and recrafted, the serious desire to listen and respond to fandom, shown by the OTW. Input, and particularly critical feedback, is taken very seriously. Of course it isn't possible to please everyone in all things, but I've watched the OTW put forth a great deal of effort to be respectful, reasonable, and inclusive.

I'm going to link to my previous post about my experience as a complete novice coder working on the archive, because it sums up what I've gained by my association with this group.

Times like this I wish I was more articulate, but I just wanted to say that if you support the OTW, and you are in a position which allows you to give, your support at this time would be a huge help.
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Now that I have my adorable little 10" Lenovo laptop (henceforth to be known as Lenny Baby) I have embarked on the search for the right laptop bag for her. It has to be attractive and secure, with good padding, and just big enough for her and a book or two, because what is the point of having a mini laptop if you're going to carry it around in a big clunking bag?

I have this bag specifically the tan one third from the left, for my 15" laptop, and I like it a lot. Ideally I'd like a similar but smaller bag for Lenny Baby. I've wasted a huge amount of time looking around today without finding anything that really wows me. It has to be just the right bag for my baby.

I've seen some posts now about the fan survey discussions lowering the general squee level in fandom. I have mixed feelings when stuff like this comes up. The thing is, I came here for the m/m slash fanfiction mainly. I came to escape my life as a woman and all the baggage that entails, to find some fun and read the kind of romance between equals I can't get out in rl. But that doesn't mean I don't care about trying to make the real world more of a place I wouldn't have such an overwhelming need to escape from. I want both things from fandom, a safe place to escape to for fun and re-energizing, and a place to dissect and discuss what's happening out there in the real world that is relevant to us as "other". I can haz both, please?
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Okay, let's see if I've gotten this right in my head now. I've learned a lot of things from fandom, so I thought I'd give back by making a list to help people step all over each other better. The lower the number of the type of story that gets you off, the more feminist and morally superior person you are. The higher the number of your favorite type of porn, the more you suck. Some categories overlap and require a bit of interpretation, but I think this does well as an overall outline.
First draft of the list, feel free to quibble with it )
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Is anybody else getting a real kick out of this Genealogy of Vidding ? I can almost feel the effort it takes Francesca to slow down her lightning fast brain process to a speaking speed that people like me can follow. Have to rewatch that last Star Trek vid cause I wasn't getting how it is commenting on fandom. Sometimes I have to watch 3 or 4 (or 50) times. But first I have to go rewatch that Spn vid "Still Alive" cause I just remembered how good it is.

Fandom is so amazing.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I recently traveled to the astral plane to marry Dean Winchester, so, if you were thinking of doing that, you're too late. There can be only one astral wife.


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