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Okay, so in season six demon!Sam kills Ben and Dean, and Lisa is driven by their murders to devote herself to saving people, hunting things, culminating in her stabbing demon!Sam to death in the show's final finale?

WTF was that blah blah blah from Chuck at the end? [personal profile] merryish called it incredibly lame-ass whinging apologia crap, and I must agree.

But anyway, once their idiotic plan went off the tracks exactly as anyone with an ounce of sense could have predicted it would, Dean was totally focused on finding Sam, not so he could save him, but simply so that he could be there with him at the moment of death. And he made it, and that whole scene was just one long I love you to Sam, wasn't it? It was incredibly awesome. Of course Dean would stay with Sammy, he always stays, and no matter what Sam has done, and no matter what happens, Dean just wants to be there with him.
The End

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Date: 2010-05-14 02:12 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pixel
The power of Sam & Dean's love saved the world. I mean....that was pretty awesome right? That was really awesome. I was so happy with that.

There is no way Dean's gonna stay, I mean, MY skin itches on his behalf thinking about that.


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