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My Yuletide story is called "The Furred Boots" and can be found here for what it's worth.

The thing is, I never liked the princess type of traditional fairy tale. I hated them as a child, though I enjoyed animal fables and magical tales in general. It was just the whole princess thing that made me uncomfortable. My favorite character in Rapunzel was the witch. She was powerful! So when I saw the prompt, which read in part:

Can "happily ever after" really work out? What happens if it doesn't? What happens when the young princess suddenly finds herself in a foreign country, bound to a man she barely knows?

I really liked it. So I kind of made Cinderella an adulterer. Sorry about that, but she needed to pursue her own life! It's not that I hated the prince or anything, it's just that his idea of Cinderella was oppressive and stifling and unbearable.

I only have one more episode of Miracles to watch, and I'm just now getting attached to the characters. I don't want it to end. Anyway, I saw some Miracle fic on the archive which I hope I can find some time to read when I've finished watching.

My plans and goals for the new year are not achievable unless I give up sleeping or something. I don't know what to do about that. I think I may let go of writing when I finish this Supernatural story I'm writing to satisfy the minimum requirements of cliche bingo. I've tried to limit the number of things I'm trying to do, but there are only so many things I'm willing to give up.


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