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There was a trans character (mtf) on Terriers on Wednesday night. Um, I'm not sure what to say about that. The show frustrates me, because I enjoy it, and find myself eager for more, despite huge failings and lately a lot of cringingly embarrassing moments. This show is like your asshole uncle, who says the most in your face, gut punchish, sexist crap but his personal dealings with women are the complete opposite of his verbal pronouncements. It leaves me confused.

I'm aware that my trans consciousness needs raising, so I don't feel competent to even try to untangle my feelings about this. Gender is a huge thing to me, and I am struggling to sort out my own issues with it. I mean, no one was throwing up or anything? I wasn't happy with this, but it was interesting to me to see something I would consider a semi mainstream portrayal. And there were some things I liked about it, which kind of sums up my feelings about a lot of things that happen on this show. At least it never seems overly simplified.

The ending especially bothered me. I haven't seen anyone talking about this, so if anyone else has, could you let me know?

Can't wait for Spn tonight. I wish they would pick up right where they left off last week. I mean, we've known since Star Trek TOS that the whole point of the beat down is the comfort part that can be safely indulged in afterwards, so they should give it to us. But I suspect there will be at least a small time jump to avoid all that icky stuff.

In other news, I got my motorcycle operators' manual so I can start studying for my permit.
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