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I thought the episode was okay.

Whenever Supernatural has a kick ass idea, they don't seem to have the writing chops to mine it as well as I'd like, and this was no exception. On the other hand, some of the more boring sounding plots can be surprisingly not bad, like last week's.

I'm not sure how to take the boy kissing and the other little gay allusions. I mean, more visibility is a positive, I guess, but I feel like they are congratulating themselves on their liberal attitudes, and to me it was mostly about asserting the sexuality binary, i. e. gay is something over there that some minority engages in, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with us straight (normal) people, who find it a bit odd. Whatever.

I like the Sam storyline a lot, and I'm eager to know more. I love, LOVE that Grandpa questioned him and was not on board with his plan. I hope they don't kill him off now. I wouldn't mind if Dean sought Grandpa out for some relationship advice and sharing of worry about Sam and what has happened to him. Overall I like the whole family of demon hunters thing and I feel like it could pull Sam and Dean closer together, while setting them off even more from mundane people.

I wish for once Dean would man up and help Sammy instead of punching him out, though I admit the punching can be kind of hot, too. I now begin counting down until next week...
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