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Show was preempted here, but I finally got to watch, and I liked it!

Um that house they rented-what? Come on, show, this is not a working class house.

I don't know anything about acting, but I love Jensen's expressions so much. His little glance at Ben's bike spoke volumes about where he's at emotionally. He has a way of showing conflicting emotions that always impresses me. And while I am on the subject of acting, I must say, contrary to what I've been seeing around, I think Jared is rocking his character this season. I have had issues with Jared in the past, but, to me, he seems to be doing a fantastic job with being more subtle, and just a little off. Maybe, it's the directing, IDK, but I liked both of them in both episodes so far a lot better than in a number of season five eps that had me cringing for them.

I liked Dean saying he was a freakin' head case and Sam saying sometimes he wonders about himself. Messed up characters are so interesting.

The idea of the hunting Campbell family is growing on me, not least because I have a thing for Mitch Pileggi. He seems to genuinely care about Dean. My heart went out to him when he said, "All we're trying to do is invite you in." Awwww. However, I'm prepared for things to not go the way I want because Dean is suspicious of him, and show has a habit of making Dean right about such things, which is a shame. I love Dean, but that doesn't mean I need him to always be right.

At first I was fine with the possibility of Grandpa being evil but now I hope he is more like John Winchester, a road to hell kind of guy. I love when characters mean well and fuck up. It gives them an opportunity to wallow in guilt, and it makes me feel better about my own fuck ups.

I kind of wish the Campbells had been able to keep the baby, so they could raise him up to be a monster fighting monster. That would have been awesome as a spinoff.

Sam's little smile watching Dean care for the baby was a joy to behold. I have no idea why he went into the panic room with Dean unless it was because the episode was all about fathers and their children, and Sam had to stay with his wife and child in a crisis. LOL, IDK.

I liked the part where Ben wanted to have a gun because that would so happen, and Dean is a totally bad role model unless you want your child to grow up to be like John Connor. Also liked Dean being worried and paranoid, because of course if there were really monsters any parent would be, but also because it resonates with real life so nicely, where we all agree to pretend our children are not in danger every time they venture out alone, because otherwise we couldn't live. Also liked Dean yelling about the gun. Hasn't every parent been there, when they see their child wanting to be just like them and it's horrifying?

I love any situation where Dean is placed in a less than masculine role, as it plays to my love of gender inconsistency, so seeing Dean caring for the child made me happy. He remembered how to do the whole baby thing reasonably quickly, and seemed comfortable with it. <3 <3 <3

Okay, I can't finish here without complaining a little about Lisa again, but I'll try to be brief. I do not find this even slightly awesome. Yes, she is not dead or evil, but her character is still urking the hell out of me. She is just going to be there waiting for Dean whenever he wants? Just, no. What kind of typical fucked up male fantasy is this? I hate when men want to write about their dream relationship. The woman is supposed to be always available to them, but then go sit on her hands and wait patiently when he has something more interesting to do. Also, the modern liberated woman is expected to have a job now and be independent, but the job has to be something most men wouldn't want, something non threatening to them.

Caterer-yes. Architect-no.
Nurse-yes. Computer programmer-no.
Yoga instructor-yes. Competitive athlete-no
Kindergarden or preschool teacher-yes. High school math, chemistry or gym teacher-no.


This kind of bullshit matters. It has a huge, negative impact on the lives of real women. Women like me, who grow up conflicted about their abilities and well nigh paralyzed by the awareness that their desire for relationships with men is in direct conflict with their education/career goals. So, this is a hot button to me.

You know who I think is awesome? Sam Carter. She rocked. How much did I love that O'Neill was fine with her being smarter than him? Yeah, that was awesome.

But, anyway, I am hopeful that show is no longer going to shove this under my nose so much, and I am looking forward to next week. It's going much better than I thought it would.
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