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Hee! They're very back!!

So I was watching along, slightly puzzled that they didn't show how Neal broke out of jail, but completely fooled into thinking he escaped, because that's been my experience with shows. First season super slashy, fans love it, then tptb find out and use the second season to pull back and destroy the slash crazy fans' fantasies because they are sooooooo threatened. So it seemed believable to me that they were going out of their way to show how Neal was only interested in finding Kate. Also, I swallowed the profound change the beginning seemed to signal in Neal's character. Suddenly he has no scruples about robbing a bank, even though last season they played it totes differently. What's a little inconsistent characterization matter in a tv show, right?

And then Neal comes out of the bank with the money and heeeeeeeeeeeeeee. My cynicism is in tatters.

I loved the Mozzie and Peter interactions, too.

Also loved Peter saying that Neal would act exactly as he is acting if he was on the edge emotionally, even though it verged on too much telling. Sometimes I like to have things spelled out like that.

Diana has the box? In cahoots with Peter or all on her own? I don't know what I want here, but I think I'd prefer if she is working under orders from Peter.

All in all they seemed to just be restating the basic themes of the show, which is fine with me. But am I missing something obvious? I don't get why the episode is called Withdrawal.

It was fun, y/y?

Have a White Collar vid.

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Date: 2010-07-14 05:14 pm (UTC)
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Cuz that's what the thieves are doing at the bank. =D Making biiiiiig withdrawals.

And I <3 everything you said here!


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