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Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.01 WOW

Holy cow those first ten minutes picked up the tension from the end of season one and went with it. I was mesmerized. The whole sequence with the song was so much like watching a fanvid to me. So cool. I also liked the continuity of having a song opening the show when they used the song so effectively to end season one. Though that episode had a different writer (Ian Goldberg.)

We got to see the part where Agent Ellison closes his eyes in prayer with Cromardie pointing his gun at him again. That was a beautiful bit of acting.

I loved the snarky little exchange between Derek and Charlie. “Just like I did for you,” Charlie feels the need to remind Derek, whose worldview doesn’t allow time for gratitude. Nothing like a little jealous rivalry to cut the tension.

Also liked John changing tenses when arguing for Cameron to Derek. “She saved my life. She saves my life.” That was good writing.

I find Cameron’s use of the word bad to refer to herself interesting. “If I ever go bad again.” Not if my programming changes, or is corrupted, but if I go bad. Placing a moral judgment on her actions, as if she was remorseful.

The ominous religious overtones of the show are doing a lot for me even though I’m not religious myself. I find the whole thing fascinating, albeit a bit terrifying given our current political climate.

This show would be my perfect new love if only Derek had a comrade in arms I could slash him with. It’s much easier for me to get fannish about a show if there is good slash potential. I can’t feel completely easy about pairing Derek/John because of the age difference. For that matter, I can’t get that enthused about John in general. He’s just too young. Or I’m too old for this show, I guess. Wrong demographic again.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode. Can’t wait for more.


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