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Well, that was interesting,

I wish it would turn out that Samuel is doing all this to regain Sam's soul, but I suspect fandom as a whole is correct in thinking this has something to do with Mary. Maybe Mary is in hell or purgatory for her deal with the yellow eyed demon and Crowley is offering to get her soul up to heaven, IDK.

I'm a tad annoyed that Christian turned out to be possessed, because I like when Dean's judgment, especially about people, is not infallible. Plus I liked him in SG1.

Gwen is going to die soon, y/y?

I wish Crowley was just some low level crossroads demon running around being snarky and helping out Sam and Dean for some crass purpose of his own. I still like him and all; I just wish he wasn't the king of hell.

Castiel's storyline sucks. I mean I don't care that much one way or the other, but I'm sure serious Cas fans are finding this disappointing. The writers don't seem to have put much effort into developing anything interesting for him so far, and that's a shame, because he could add something to the show if he was used cleverly.

The Sam and Dean dynamic right now reminds me of this story by [identity profile] runedgirl.livejournal.comexcept it is Sam who is the damaged, morality lacking super hunter whom Dean needs to keep in check and that Dean is desperately trying to hold on to and help instead of the other way around. I liked [identity profile]'s version better, for one thing because it was better written, but also because I really like when Sam leads Dean around, but if I can't have that, then this would be my next choice. Overall, I am pretty pleased with what is going on between Sam and Dean. They are working together, communicating both verbally and non verbally, and Sam seems willing to trust and follow Dean's directions, which, is very, very YAY!

Can't wait for next weeeeeek!!!!!!
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