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Okay, that was, um, good and not so good.

Of the good, of course, was Sam's workout scene. Only (heh, maybe I've been watching that gif too much) it seemed awfully short. I also thought a lot of the one liners were amusing, especially Castiel's. And Castiel coming when Dean called him, even though later he tried to say that wasn't why he came, was lovely, also his referencing his past with Dean = pure fan service. The writers are trying to give everyone a little of what they want, it seems. I mean, unless you're a wincest shipper. I think they want us to die in a fire.

Which brings me to the not so good. What is it about these genre shows where the writers have to force a poorly developed het pairing down our throats. I guess they are trying to attract a more mainstream audience? They framed the whole episode with as much proof of the boys' heterosexuality as they could. It's hard for me to fanwank Dean dreaming about sex with Lisa...

Also not crazy about the angel fighting stuff. I just find it dull. I liked Raphael a lot, and I'm sorry they've decided to go with evil for him. I would have enjoyed seeing a more nuanced character, but this is Supernatural, and CoC never seem to get much in the way of nuances.

And just to end on a downer, wtf was that thing with the prostitute? I cannot believe they went there. What? Are there really men who still tell themselves prostitutes enjoy having sex with them, and that it is not just about the money? I about threw something at the television when that happened, except, it's my television and I can't afford to buy a new one, so instead I just yelled 'go to hell, you morons' at it.

Truly I'm losing my feeling for my OTP. I need some good fixing fic desperately.
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