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Sep. 24th, 2010 10:30 pm
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Well, I don't know. That wasn't at all what I was expecting.

I was under the impression that there was going to be some hilarious stuff about Dean trying to adjust to middle class life, which we didn't get at all.

Show has a way of going along and just when I'm thinking, okay, this is not bad, it takes a turn I don't like. The ending kind of soured the whole episode for me. I'm unspoiled, so I had no idea where things were going, and I liked the part in the beginning where everything reminded Dean of his old life, and he looked all miserable. I thought they were building up to Dean deciding he had to get away from Lisa and Ben because his presence was endangering them, and I would have been okay with that, I think. Certainly that would be better than killing them, which would have seriously pissed me off.

But I'm left wondering who this Dean Winchester person is. I don't recognize the character at all. I'm okay with the changes to Sam's character, maybe because I wasn't as attached to his old personality, but I really liked that Dean guy. I miss him a lot.

Also, I'm outraged at the way Dean had all these guns laying around the house. I mean, yeah, Dean probably would think nothing of that having grown up the way he did, but Lisa? She didn't object to these weapons around her child? When Dean was walking around that building with his gun I couldn't help but think about all the tragic gun deaths where someone is walking around thinking there is an intruder, and ends up shooting a child or some other innocent.

But it was good to see that hug, and Bobby, and just to have the show back. Jared looked good, and Jensen can't not be hot ever.
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