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Spn 5.10 and preview for 5.11

I have managed to stay completely unspoiled this season, so tonight was quite a shock to me.

Oh, you know, grumble grumble, gender issues, grumble grumble grumble misogyny I mean I just can't get that worked up about it.

Everyone has already said most of what I think about this. I did want to say that as a not twenty something I deeply resent the way they made such a big deal about Jo's sacrifice and death and then tacked on Ellen, like, oh yeah the old one can die, too. Dean has this big emotional moment with Jo and then, you know, Ellen is too old to be interesting sexually so, no biggie. Would it have killed them to have a bit of a moment with her?

Also, I am aggravated that Ellen throws herself on the pyre with Jo. Like, just because Ellen is a mother, and set up as a good loving mother by the show, does that mean she has nothing in her life beyond being a mother? Apparently that's exactly what it means. I am tired of the idea that a woman has nothing to live for if she loses her child. That is not a psychologically healthy idea. We are more than our children.

As to the recent gaying up of the show, I'm not sure what to say. On the one hand, it's better than invisibility, but on the other hand I feel it's mostly about the writers saying "see we aren't homophobic, it's just coincidental that Dean, Sam and Castiel are all totally heterosexual." It's mostly there to show us how very not gay our main characters are, maybe?

So anyway moving on to more important things. That preview. OH MY GOD! They are on a psych ward and I am in HEAVEN. Can they stay on the psych ward for a few episodes, oh please, please, please. Or maybe like the rest of the season?

You know, being on a psych ward for real is not fun or entertaining. I do know that, having spent way more time than I ever wanted with mentally ill foster and adopted children in hospitals. It is not exciting at all in real life.

But this is more the appeal of "everyone thinks I'm crazy but really I'm not" than an interest in mental illness, which is similar to my love of "everyone thinks I'm a violent criminal but I'm not." (hence my cherishing of Jus in Bello). Both of these kinks inherit from the base class "Everyone thinks I'm a mild mannered reporter but I'm not," I think. I love them all.

So, in conclusion:

eeeeeeeeeee!!! Dean and Sam on a psych ward!!!

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