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I am offended by the linking of sex and violence, but I'm also kind of hardened to it.

So when you have sex with a woman it gives her power over you. And then she will use that power against you, forcing you to do all sorts of crazy stuff you are not responsible for. Wow. Good to know.

Why is it that the slashier the subtext the more fear/dread/hatred of women and their sexuality? I mean, I write homoerotic stuff all the time and I don't hate/fear women or their sexuality. What the hell, Cathryn Humphris, I think you are fucked up in your head. Anyway, this is not exactly anything new, and I'm not young enough to really feel any white hot rage about it. It just makes me sigh and roll my eyes now.

I gave him what he needed and it wasn't some bitch in a g string. It was you. And now he loves me.

He really said that, didn't he? I mean seriously, he said that? Aside from the unfortunate and completely gratuitous pejorative slandering our sex, this little speech fills me with glee. As a Wincester, I couldn't be happier. I hope some of the better writers go with the obvious here and give me something good to read. I'll read it even if it's bad, but I'd rather read something well done. This is slash gold.

That shot of Dean holding Sam still so the guy can ejaculate spit into his mouth. Uh, seriously, I couldn't believe it.

Dean really meant the things he said. Does that mean Sam meant what he said? Cause Dean went to hell for you if you recall, Sammy, you little ingrate. Though I have noticed in most of the sibling groups I've had in foster care, that the older sib is usually kinder to the younger one, and oftentimes the younger one says really mean, hurtful stuff to the older one.

I totally thought the doctor was the siren, and I was not into the sex scene with her, but then when I rewatched with the understanding that she wasn't the siren, and that she just wanted to do Sam, I enjoyed it immensely and thought it wasn't long enough. Sam's really grown up very nicely this year. He no longer seems like a boy to me.

Overall, this episode was just full of the good, the bad and the ugly.
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